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Motor Custom Motorcycle leather jackets

Motorbike jackets in old school style - combining the modern technology of today!

Motorcycles are pure adrenalin, it's the purest action there can be!
So we missed that feeling in the motorbike leather outfits! Man! We had cool bikes but where the hell could we get some "cool wear"?

Well, do it yourself - and that's what we had in mind for our motorbike leather wear! It just reflects the feeling of the street - simple designs we all still know from a few decades ago but with all comforts of today's, modern motorcycle wear.

New leather flight jackets on sale!

We are now offering flight jackets in the style of the classic U.S. Army Jackets! Best quality leather and workmanship! The jackets look just plain cool! And yes! We've worn them now quite a while and never want to live again without a "Flyer One"! Click here for the new flight jackets!

Motorcycle leather jackets with modern technology

Motorcycle leather jackets of motor custom are equipped with modern, removable protectors. New safety products are now standard in the motorcycle apparel sector and are now here to stay! This technology innovations we have taken into account! We do combine the "Motor Custom motorcycle leather jackets" classic style with that safety technology!

Finally again all sizes of our motorcycle leather jackets are available again!

All jackets are build just like in "the good, old days". As an extra we have jackets that are "pimped up" with some protectors for your safety. And of course, only the best leather is being used!
Just take a look at our proucts, they are worth every penny!

Safe travels and now...Hit the Road!!! your - Team!

Diving Koh Tao

Sorry we don't sell any motorbike jackets currently. But we want to inform you why. I (Sebastian) am a diving instructor on Koh Tao at Ban's Diving Resort now since a few month. I never planned to do this so long but it's actually fun and so I will continue with this job. Don't worry, some day I will sell those motorcycle jackets again. Until then I will be diving Koh Tao. Thank you and see you soon! Sebastian

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